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Life is Strange

LIFE Is Strange has set the bar high for interactive storytelling.

The world of Arcadia Bay had so much depth to it, with characters bursting with life and acting in believable, relatable ways.

The way LiS ended didn't leave much room for manoeuvre, so it's understandable DONTNOD switched things up majorly for season 2.

New characters, a brand new storyline and a different setting - it was a bold and brave move changing things so drastically.
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while so much is different, the track record of the LiS series is
something that's difficult to push out from players' memories.

Fans know the heights that previous episodes have hit, which is one reason Rules - the latest season 2 instalment - fails to hit the mark.

The opening episode of Life Is Strange 2 marked a hugely impressive debut for the Diaz brothers.

A profound, heartbreaking story was expertly told by DONTNOD in the space of a few hours which impressively brought forward their new series vision.

Life Is Strange 2 season 2 episode 2 - Rules sees Sean and Daniel on the road and trying to survive (Image: SQUARE ENIX)

There are a few points in episode 2 where characters say or do things which doesn't seem keeping in what we know about them.

To say exactly when these moments happen would ruin the story beats that take place in Rules.

But look out for a crowbarred use of the episode's title and a
heart-to-heart conversation that can happen with a returning character
late on.

Life is Strange Reviewed by Nihal Kumar on April 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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