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Resident evil

so hello folks, we all love resident evil series i know that the game is full of horror , action and a third person shooter game with amazing characters and bosses


The "Resident Evil" franchise is a bit of an odd-duck in that it's long been uncertain of what it really is. A survival horror series? An action horror series? Some strange amalgamation of the two?


Now, after the success and acclaim of "RE7," Capcom has learned its lesson: Enter the remake of "Resident Evil 2," which takes everything that made "RE7" such a fantastic entry — sharp graphics, tense atmosphere, generally excellent pacing — and re-purposes it into a game that pays proper tribute to its 1998 predecessor while not being afraid to leave its own mark on the franchise.

Recently capcom launched Resident evil 2 trailer and after wards full game is launched for PC/PS4/XBOX and its a remake of resident evil 2 .

and a fan made game is also there for our android device of Resident evil 2 which you can download by watching this VIDEO.

GAME SCREENSHOTS (watch VIDEO for live gameplay and password)

Damon ps2 pro

so lets talk about Resident evil 4 can we play it in our android device so the answer is yes we can just download the game from below by following the steps and by using ps2 emulator for android you acn play the game easily.

thanks for visiting, any issue ?comment below

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